I’m considering a short sale on my house: Do I?. I am a first time home buyers, not refinancing mortgages or 2.

I bought the cost of a house, $ 325,000.00, even if it went against their better knowledge. My wife (with whom I worked only at the time) was the one who made the offer of the house. Your credit card is not terrible, but it was not so good. Their guilt was strong. So, our loan officer has recommended that we take the loan in my name, even though we asked for a joint account. I followed his advice and the next thing I knew she declined. (I have accepted the credit to know that if my wife sold her house and the debt would be a second income and we were able to refinance for better loan rates and a better way to pay for) Now, j got a house that I can barely afford based on my own income. But costs are not included in this sub-prime mortgages worked. My only options are a short sale, a deed in leu of foreclosure or foreclosure. Please reply if you have any advice on selling.

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