I’m a renter who’s home is in foreclosure. Do I pay rent? & I think there’s fraud. Help!?

I’ve been renting a beautiful southern California home for over two years. One day I see a Trustee Sale Notice on my Garage. When I called my Landlord she came right over and admitted that she hadn’t payed her mortgage, but was getting a Home modification Loan. Some sort of program to help owners keep their home and get a lower rate. “I think.” However she’s saying she lives in the home. Because that’s the only way she can Modify her loan. She keeps getting an extension on her Trustee Sale, and so I keep paying rent because she’s the legal owner and can serve me with a three day notice to pay rent or quit. Do I move out pronto and find another place? Do I skip out on rent? Do I report her? And how? And does she need to live in the home in order to re-modify her loan? What are some websites, or services that are provided to help me?

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