I’m 20yrs old and I want to know how to become residential mortgage loan officer? Need mentor.?

I have been working as a loan officer assistant for the past two years and I’ve decided to become a loan officer in due time. However, my current employer I know wouldn’t give me the time or day to help me even though he and three others were helped tremendously 10years back….I want to be lucky like them too.

Indeed, I’m attending an online university because I work 40-50yrs/week and I’m helping my family out…now i know that with time, the proper people, and a lot of luck…i could become a successful loan officer instead. My future goal for the next 10-15 years is to become a mortgage broker and run a small but productive office.

I’m not looking to become rich rather just live a comfortable life. I don’t want to become a fraudulent loan officer either…i’ve seen two loan officers careers go down the drain due to commiting fraud in their loans.

-I speak Spanish…I’m in Los An

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