Illegal Debt collection practices ?

I do not have medical insurance. I have a chronic illness that
puts me in the hospital a lot. I can’t work because of it. But,
because I haven’t work enough to acquire enough credits, I can’t get Social Security Disability. Because I can’t get that,
I can not get Medicaid to help with my medical bills.
I had over 1 million in medical bills when I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It was discharged in 2000.
Now, I have a lot more bills that I can’t pay. One collection agency -West Asset Management located in Georgia keeps
harrassing me over an $ 18,000 bill I owe a hospital in Texas.
I have explained the situation to everyone that calls. I have sent
6 letters via certified register return reciept requested mail, requesting that they have no further contact by phone wih me. my husband, my children, my neighbors, etc. I have the reciepts where someone signed for 4 of the letters.
But, they continue to call – often 6 times a day at my home –
they even call neighbors, etc

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