If you refuse your bank manager for a mortgage offer interest-free?

Economic policy in Islam is the purpose of the legislation that the administration of basic human needs (food, housing, education, health and safety) behandeln.Prophet to Mohammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said: “Who , his day ended with security at home, with a healthy body and with food at home has won its needs in this life. “He also says:” Allah breaks federal government with a group of people in the immediate vicinity, one of them goes to bed hungry while “Islam strictly forbids the use of money, the money, to grow, so in Islam are Wucher.Kredite on. third and as a means of worship. Allah (SWT) said that anyone who is a loan (without interest) to another person, in fact, it is a loan to Allah. In return, Allah multiplies the reward for lending Geber.Allah said: “Who is a good loan to Allah, and Allah will multiply several times”
Would you if our government would make Muslims so they can have a mortgage loan without interest? Islam prohibits charging or paying interest on government Darlehen.Hypothek Darlehen.Die Quebec just passed a law, and created a new interest-free loans for Muslims who wish to purchase the building opposite erstellen . Muslime uninteressiert.Aber pay the rest of Quebec you are interested bezahlen.Würden agree that a similar system would apply to U.S.?

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