If you received a credit card with “unlimited credit line” $0 minimum payment?

And it said on it “ALL DEBTS from this card will be paid in full by the Government of the People’s Republic of China”

This is basically like a Chinese Government Employee travel card, only in this case it is FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to the credit of the People’s Republic of China……

And Chinese Government said that all they want in return for giving you this card is that you do not work in China at any time in your life…..

Would you accept this credit card? Also officially signed by all Governments of the world “NO DAMAGE WILL BE DONE TO YOUR CREDIT SCORE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU USE THIS CARD!”

Would you use it? It has unlimited credit

And you can transfer unlimited funds from it to yourself…….
And the purpose of China giving out these cards is that they believe in the long-term all jobs will be Chinese jobs and until then, you are fine.
Actually there is a credit line limit, and it is no more than 1 Billion dollars may be purchased in a year… if you go over 1 billion, the card will be declined until the next calendar year, at which time you can use it again normally

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