If you get approved for a home loan for a house and then …?

and then move in to the one you just got approved for and forclose on the home that you presently live in can they take the home you just moved into away? Or can they kick you out of that house once they realize that you forclosed on the house that you was living in?
Look I would never do this if it wasn’t for the fact that we can no long afford to live in the house we live in now. We talked to a bank last night that was pretty sure they could get us approved for a home that we are liking and right now we are trying to sell our house, but if it doesn’t sell soon there is nothing else we can do but foreclose on the house. If we already get the loan for the other house, close on it, and then foreclose on the other house, that is what I was pretty much asking about. If we did close on the house that we are liking and then foreclose on this one what would happen. (I know it’s a very bad thing to do but when you can’t afford to live there what else is there to do?)

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