If you don’t borrow full amount approved for FHA loan can you borrow extra for repairs?

We have been pre-approved for an FHA loan. We are looking to buy a HUD home for way less than what our maximum loan amount is for. Are we able to borrow the lesser amount and add on more to the mortgage loan for repairs that need to be done to the home?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

My husband and I have a credit score of 650 with nothing bad on our credit report except that we both dont have much credit and have signficant school loans which combined are about $ 100,000. Together our income is around $ 85k a year and we are both in our early to middle twenties. We are renting right now but are looking to buy a housein the near future and I’m wondering if someone could give me a rough estimate on the maximum mortgage loan they think we will qualify for. We have do not have a downpayment except maybe a few thousand please let me know thanks!

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