If you add a mortgage payment and interest on a home, it is normal for this number to more than that?

Out of interest I had a quick calculation with a mortgage on-line data read-Hypothekenrechner.Meine Home Price: $ 285.000Darlehensbetrag: $ 200.000Zinssatz: term of 5% of its loans: 30 years of tax land: 1.25% Medium: 0.5% I only internal value and the value of loans made because I have no idea what the “price” for others. I was amazed that in the results, the full payment of the life of the mortgage would be $ 493,386.57 werden.Dies total tax paid would be $ 106,875.00 and the total interest paid would be $ 186,511.57 werden.Dies sum of these two numbers $ 293,386.57, or $ 8,386.57 more than the selling price of the house? Never one for the percentages, but it seems that the neighborhood of 110% of the house Wert.Bin I missed something, or (not too big), but buyers are literally ****** all directions? And what to do? put a huge deposit and buy a cheaper place – it’s probably not so for the duration of the mortgage, because you pay x percent of the balance, not the total?

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