If We Were To File, How Soon Would You Be Able To Buy A Home?

My husband and I are taking part in CREDIT SOLUTIONS. We have finally figured after two years, they’re a load of crap. Everything they do, we could have done for free. We have paid these guys thousands of dollars and they don’t even return phone calls.

Anyways, let’s get personal.

My husband makes about 56,000 a year – we have 34,000 in debt. No including our home. Just loans and junk.

I’m wondering about bankruptcy, we’re not making any headway in paying things off. We pay 500 just in health insurance a month! You know?! Child support, ect. We’re broke a lot. 🙂

If we were to file bankruptcy, how many years would it be before we could buy a home with a backyard? I heard that you can do it sooner than before now.

Any advice or tips???

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