If this govt fails and we descend into Anarchy. Who will you pledge allegiance to when I show up at your home?

There seems to be a push to help make the current administration fail.
That is fine. When it does there will be chaos and people will take to the streets. Anarchy will reign!
At that time paper money will be worth exactly that, worth less than the price of paper and ink. I will be able to create a bill with pencil and paper worth the very same. It will buy you nothing, especially security.
There will be riots and fires and violence. Lots of violence.
It will be prison rules without the guards.
Those who have nothing will have the least to lose and life will mean nothing to those who decide to go and TAKE what they want.
Words will mean nothing. Actions especially violent ones will rule.
At this time what remains of the constitution will dissolve.
All that you said that you stood for will come to stare you right in the face.
Did you believe in the right to keep and bear arms? I did and will use them to defend myself, my family and others I believe to have similar values.
Do you believe in doing whats right, even when no one is looking or keeping score? I do that is why I will continue to do so when there is madness in the streets.
I will band together with others to gain strength and combat similar groups but with murder and robbery as their motive.
We will go from street to street and from house to house. Taking the law into our own hands just as others will do.
We will defend life even if it means taking some in the process. We will defend truth but will have to resort to guerrilla warfare to do so.
Suddenly the word militia will not be a scary word to you but you will pray for it to save you.
The power grid will go down, your alarm will not work and no one will come even if it did. You may have a golf club or a baseball bat that you claim to protect your home with but you will be finally forced to face the truth.
Even if you have a gun you will learn the hard way that the fantasy land you live in is gone. It will be hard for you to defend a house that is burnt to the ground.
There will come a time when we will come for your food and water, not just my group but other groups that will also want your wife and children as well as all of your possessions. Do not fool yourself, you will have but one choice. Who will you pledge allegiance to?
There will be no flag or national guard. They were part of the govt that failed. We have taken their guns and their tanks. Who will you pledge allegiance to? Who will you give your food and water to?
We wont be able to trust just anyone so you would have to pledge your allegiance to me, I would have to be able to depend on you in times of trouble.
If you choose me I will share with you. I will give you a job. If you are weak you will carry what used to be your food and water and prepare it for us. If you are strong you will be given a gun and a task.
If you do not choose my militia you will be left for other groups. Like packs of dogs they will roam.They will not have the same values as I do.
They will rape, rob and kill.
They will respect almost nothing. They will respect only force.
Force is what I will use to keep us free and alive.
At least I am civil enough to give you time to think it over before it happens but remember this is your fault. You could not find common ground and now your ground belongs to me…. If I truly want it.

I need to be able to depend on YOU in times of trouble. I will need your pledge that I can depend on you when others try to divide us!!
I will need you to pledge that you will do what is right even when no one is looking. I will need you to pledge that you will stick with me even if we have differences of opinion sometimes. I will need you to pledge to cover my back against others attacking us even if they out number us.
The choice is yours my friend (or enemy)

Who will you pledge allegiance to when I show up at your home?
per message reply.

No, skin color does not matter to me. It never has.
It will have to not matter to you.

Your political affiliation will have to take a backseat to your allegiance. Keep if you want but we must keep our common goal at the forefront.

What does matter to me is your loyalty and your valor. Your honesty and your integrity.

That is what I will ask you to TRUTHFULLY pledge.
I am updating the question as i get information. Please feel free to update/edit your answers.
Some people are clearly not reading the question but rushing to “blurt out a clever response”. Please take the time to actually read the question, reflect and answer honestly.

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