If the value of the house is that I am still liable on the outstanding mortgage?

What if my home value drops? Am I still personally liable on the mortgage? I heard that you can hire a real estate lawyer and in fact the loan balance to the lower house in California.
I own a home went into foreclosure in 2007. It was sold to 366K, but 320K for mortgage and 80K = 400K. I received a letter from a collection agency Dyck O’neal words: “.. the attached copies of documents that the debt Dyck O’neal The amount of the date of this letter is capital, interest and accrued expenses 94K support includes “The Chase loans were first, so I guess they transferred the account to collections. The situation I’m too long to explain and very complex, but I did not pay much money for these people. What are my options? Do I need a lawyer and if so, what kind of lawyer should I, a real estate company, lawyer or what? I do not know what and I am very worried because I have no money for that. I declared bankruptcy in 2000 due to my exhusband maxing all my credit cards in my name. I do not know if I have said, or if it can help with this debt 94K.

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