If the next president ban on all forms of predatory capitalism and witch hunts?

Think about it. As for companies to pull the patriotic consumers in the country, but then with the company abroad, so they do not pay taxes in our country, the country where they sell their Waren.Denken about it. All these banks in the world, because if they all try to make money from the U.S. subprime debt? Do you think it is appropriate that a house built for $ 65,000 in costs (including land), but for $ 300,000 + sold because “the market can absorb,” Where is the global banking sector is a Wide direct indicator of this world rip-off American consumers when it comes to large purchases and long term? And that, for example, is to blame, says … melt in the housing sector, I mean Seriously, who has the most to blame? The client makes money mad are well aware that they contribute to artificially inflate values? buyer who bought thought it was a good deal (he would know better)? Or someone else who bought the money in the process (speculative real estate investors, mortgage brokers, banks, mortgage loans expected to pay 3 times the value artificially inflated already, or banks Wall Street turn these loans are sold to get all ready made worldwide)?

Drafting the sale and purchase of real property, including land contracts and mortgages (Homeward Bound Seminars)

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