If the mortgage still call it?

My husband and I applied for a mortgage and have been approved in principle. The request was the final stage and that the insurer denied the motion. It turns out that nearly 4 years, I had a standard for 2000 euros, although the debt in my name, it was actually my ex-partners debts. My husband has never had any adverse credit and is never late to pay anything, in fact, he never used on its overdraft, unfortunately I am the main breadwinner in the house and go to my name on the application. The loan for the house is not so much (£ 70k) than other mortgages. I appealed against the decision of the bank, I really do not hope my mortgage?
I am currently in a bad financial situation. I have terrible credit and can not even approved for a new credit card to get. My monthly payments on my car and credit cards are processed too much for me. Recently, I even have problems with my mortgage payment. The sad thing is that my mortgage payment is currently only $ 900. I have $ 12,000 on my mortgage and my house is now worth somewhere between $ 600,000 and $ 800,000. I want a capital of $ 100,000. I’ll put that money to pay all debts and college funds to help others of my son. I have a steady income and no problems in transferring money to the loan. Is there a good society is to fund my loan? I’m afraid if I ask too many places I ruin my chances on the loan because I do, that each application has a negative impact on my credit score know. Any help is welcome.

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