If the feds were interested in fixing the economy….?

1. Why wouldn’t the Feds stipulate that in order to receive a federal bailout, the mortgage companies must restructure the variable loans into long term fixed mortgages people can afford?
-my argument for this: Consolidating these loans would keep people in the homes (foreclosures cost the banks and the govt money), they help keep home values up, it would IMMEDIATELY give people DISPOSABLE INCOME! Think, currently low interest rates locked in, at lower monthly mortgage payments! This would revive the economy in the matter of weeks!!!
2. Repeal Bush’s tax cuts once the economy stabilizes…
-Argument: This would help re-fill the funds needed to fix our roads, fund alternative energy, pay back the national debt, send our people to school and help pull people out of poverty. This would also help fund badly funded schools and law enforcement agencies.

What do you folks think? The Jackasses in Capitol Hill don’t get it!!

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