If someone uses two social security number, is this a major crime? ?

Min Woo Kim is a mortgage broker. Last year I purchased house. Mr. Kim took loan Application from me and he applied loan for me. I was approved by one of the wholesale lender. Couple months later I heard lots of rumor about Mr. Kim (Unethical manor.dishonesty.mortgage fraud, etc…)
I was suspicious about my loan and I requested lender to send me a original loan application (The loan application which I signed when I applied loan through Mr. Kim) I was shocked. Mr. Kim lied about everything- My income, tax, rental property income (I had no rental property), etc…. and Mr. Kim even forged my Signature. I started to investigate Mr. Kim and I found more violation on Mr. Kim.
He has been using two different social security numbers over couple years. Mostly he used two different social security number to obtain a loan. Now he has 14 houses. For example-Min W Kim with xxx-xx-2222 and Min Woo Kim with xxx-xx-3333.
Here is my question.
1. One person uses two social security number improper way. Is this crime? How bad and serious.
2. Someone forged Signature on loan application. Is this crime? How bad and serious.
Please tell me what to do.

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