If someone has purchased a primary residence, it is a loan of money buying California Anti-protected def

Anti-Deficiency Act sense when the Bank has ruled out the property, they can not have for me for the rest that were not enough, the loan balance after the sale of auction kommen.Also I originally bought the house in 2002 with my wife. Then she tried to leave, so I bought this to transfer ownership and mortgage for me. An extra 30k in equity originally part of the new mortgage and it paid off. The seller was listed as him and me and the buyer was listed as me but with another form of my name. This funding is considered as money to purchase loans, which is protected against deficiency judgments in foreclosure or is it just a refinancing with no protection in foreclosure? I paid about 20k for the entire mortgage. This means they can not come after me for 10k now in foreclosure, or can they come after me for the total loan amount of 260k?

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