if my name is not on the loan do i still own the house?

when my brother died i bought his house, the loan for the house is a VA loan and has a good interest rate so i have left the loan in his name.
but the mortgage is in my name it is through citi mortgage.
if i keep the loan stays in my deceased brothers name is the house still legally mine if something were to happen or would the VA potentially get my house?
or do i even own the house if i keep the loan in my brothers name?
the deed to the house is in my name
my dad is executor of my brothers estate so would it of been his obligation to inform the va or mine?
i am very naive and ignorant about buying a house, my parents and family kind of pushed this on me saying they wanted the house to stay in teh family, i have no idea what i am doing.
all i know is i pay the mortgage to citi mortgage, the deed to the house is in my name but the loan is still a VA loan under my brothers name
i looked it up and the deed is in my name

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