If it is mandatory for all who drive to have car insurance, homeowners to have insurance…why should healthc?

with car insurance, for example, everyone who drives is required by law to have it, though the only thing it covers is like if you are in an accident or something major happens. But if you have to have work done on your car, you have to pay for that yourself. On the other hand, if you can’t afford car insurance or to take driving school or fees, no government program pays for it for you; you simply aren’t able to drive. And there are likewise no complaints from people about increased taxes to pay for other people’s car insurance . Now granted this is totally different scenario, but for the sake of argument let’s just compare that to health insurance, and say that health insurance only covered major things like life-or-death surgery, but if you just had a minor problem and wanted to see a healthcare provider, you had to pay for that yourself. If you had a problem with your car and didn’t want to or couldn’t pay to get it fixed, you just wouldn’t do it either, so follow me here. Also as is the case with car insurance, if you could not afford health insurance, you just couldn’t have it and there was no government program to cover the cost. I know how unruly this all sounds, but it is strictly for the sake of argument. The point is, if health insurance was like car insurance then there would be no complaints from people about increased taxes to pay for other people’s health insurance, because they wouldn’t be doing it, primary care costs would be under control, and people could still have affordable insurance to see a specialist in the event of a dire emergency. Has this been considered?

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