If I want to get a loan to purchase an existing business?…..?

will I have to present a business plan to the bank to get the SBA loan also if I have to present a business plan how do I get the information from the existing business about the existing business just ask them? and if so at what point do I ask them do I have to give earnest money do you close on a business loan like a mortgage if there’s just a lease on the building how can I find answers to my many questions how does the process work to purchase an existing business I saved 100k and I read online that if you can pay 20% you can get a loan for the other 80% which means if I’m lucky and present a good business plan maybe they will give me 400k but it’s hard to find a nice business for sale at that price at least I haven’t found any and I can pay someone to write my business plan if I knew a few figures/demographics from a current owner what are my options my credit is pretty good what’s the best course of action to take I’ve read a few franchise disclosure documents and I’m afraid to get a franchise because I don’t think my rights are protected that well unless I have an llc

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