If I rent, who’s responsible for running water?

Im not sue happy or looking to start problems with anyone, last night the water main to our apt. complex burst and we have been without running water for 22 hours. There are 8 buildings each with about 20 units, 6 of the 8 are without water.

The management is trying to help, the are giving us free bottled drinking water, but we need to shower and be able to flush our toilet.

The management is claiming its a town problem, I can see an excavater on the property, but thats just it, its on the property and they stopped at 7pm, if it was town, wouldn’t they work all night? But since they stopped at 7 and the machines are parke d on the apt complex property and digging there I think they are just trying to not look at fault.

Do they have to put us up in a hotel if this keeps up, I’m not looking to start trouble, i just want whats owed to me, we pay a lot to live here.
Thank you all for answering so quickly, again I don’t want trouble, just wondering what my options were, this is in MA so cold water is up to the landlords, but if its a town problem i just tell myself, hey if I owned my own house no one would put me in a hotel, so why would my landlord owe me that? but its a topic floating amongs the angered tenants here.

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