If I put an SBA loan to a corporation, it would be considered a personal debt when I applied for a mortgage

The company is an S corporation so busy and on the tax return itself. Since I do not have to fill but I do not know if the liabilities of the companies or entities as well as personal debt, when it comes to home loans and for such an application is detected. All the experts?
I am a creditor whose debt secured by a real handicap. I recently made an announcement that the debtor’s bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code was made. What will happen to both my loans and my mortgage? Will I be taxed by a foreclosure of the mortgage? The insolvent debtor, by the way is an individual, not a limited liability company. Please prvide Rechtsgrundlage.Danke. 🙂

Davao City Council Dayanghirang
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Davao City councilor Dayanghirang talk to people protesting in the city, to demand a moratorium on the lock housing in several housing projects in the city. At least 5,000 homeowners in different subdivisions of the city and nearby towns marched through the city Wednesday afternoon, February 11, 2008 to oppose the transfer of an estimated P13 billion in housing loans with the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) to a private institution Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. (BHFI) are known. AKP Images / Keith Bacongco

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