If I purchase a single family house with an illegal apartment will it affect the banks mortgage decision?

I am interested in purchasing a single family house on Long Island, NY which currently has an illegal apartment upstairs with a kitchen with a stove, sink and refrigerator. When the appraiser comes to look at it and notes the upstairs kitchen, will this affect the bank’s decision on whether or not to give us the mortgage loan? If so, is it possible that we can just disconnect the stove and somehow cover up the sink when the appraiser comes? What about the fridge? is that also illegal? Please help!!
Im not even 100% sure if the kitchen upstairs is considered illegal. I know the house is a single family house and Im pretty sure you are not supposed to have gas pipes going up the stove up there, and im not even sure if the sink and refrigerator are aloud. I was thinking of disconnecting the stove and hiding it but do we need to do the same for the sink and fridge?

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