If I have below average credit can I have a parent Co-Sign on an apartment with me?

I recently went through a period of unemployment and had to leverage my Credit Cards. I checked my credit scores on Equifax and Experian, and the numbers were very different, the experian was in the “good range” and the equifax was in the “not good” range (Its not below 600). I could have just asked for my parents support, but call it pride, I decided to use my credit cards. Now I am trying to rent a new apartment, and I am a little worried. I have never missed a payment for anything, and I have never been late on rent. I now have a good job, but only one paycheck. Anyways, my parents are exemplary when it comes to things like this, and they are even going to help me out with rent for a little while as Im getting established. They have an above average income, and NO debt, Im sure their credit scores are as close to perfect as it can be. Will the apartment let my parents cosign, and if they do, will they rent to me? Thanks!
I’m 24, so 2 years out of school. Also, I had stable employment but my company folded – I have a new well paying, salaried job…

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