If I had written quitclaim deed, and my name is the mortgages, can I take my house?

I bought a house in Phoenix, AZ ’06 is now my ex-husband using my VA loan. He is a co-signer is listed in the paperwork. When we divorced, he insisted on staying in the house, and I did not put the struggle, because at that time, he had more money than me, and I wanted out of there, because I could not not bear to live in him. I never signed the quitclaim deed, or to refinance or anything (to refinance out of the question, either of us), but I do not specify the divorce papers, with cars and furniture, the house was hers. Now the tables have become financially: He is unemployed and about two months it is not possible to make a payment, I will be more than enough to resume payments. Am I legally entitled to return home and forced him to leave? If yes, does it change if it is later able to make payments again To answer the first responders: 1 Not in our name appears on the title yet. House is not even close to be repaid, the bank is pealkiri.2. We both have a mortgage. I’m a borrower, and cosigner.Ja I do not want my name to the loan. Maja.Samuti I want, I’m not a divorce lawyer. I was 21 and stupid.

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