if i could find an emplyee with Texas teacher retirement that would be awesome. everything would totally?

everything would totally be off the record, i just need information in terms that i can understand and how teacher retirement works with social security ? whats available? what should i know?

I need some help answering questions of the Texas Teacher Retirement System. My boyfriend’s mom works for the school district and is considering retiring next year or by the end of this school year. She came to me about TRS and how it works. I tried to look online and see what I could help her with but it’s all lingo I can’t figure. Plus I’m not really sure what she’s asking or if it’s possible. She did mention that she thinks she still has to work five more years for school district but she’s already 62. And social security is a whole another ball game she and I are trying to figure out. How does teacher retirement work? (googling this question didn’t help). Is there any way she can pull out some of her retirement just for the summer since there is no work during summer? (she is part of the cafeteria staff). Can she pul out social security at same time? *(she also doesnt have very many um ? credits i guess its called for social security because she didn’t work much. she also asked me if i could find out if Teacher’s Retirement could give out some kind of loans for her? I guess monetary resources she can use meanwhile she is not working. *(her granddaugther and 2 sons lives with her. One son can’t work and the other is a College student with merely a work study job that pays only min. wage with only 15-20 hrs a month.) Any advice or helpful information would be useful. Thanks so much , any support is greatly appreciated. Email me! allyrgv3 @ y a h o o . c o m (without the space) i wasnt sure if could post my email

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