If I am contemplating bancruptcy and have a credit score of approx. 525, will someone still do a mortgage loan

I have had a perfect credit score until recently; it seemed that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. My husband was medically retired from the Marine Corps due to spine surgery, and thinking that the cost of living would be cheaper, and having promises of job opportunities, we moved across the US. We bought a home that ended up being worst than the Tom Hanks film “Money Pit” and after sinking over $ 70,000 into it (and sadly it STILL needed more) as well as paying over $ 1,000 a month in electric (despite the fact we lived in only two rooms because it was under construction) when neither of us, with college degrees, could find a job paying more than minimum the house was forclosed.

We are now bringing in over $ 4,000 a month. We have approximately $ 3-5,000 we can put down on a home- the home we are looking at is $ 130,000. Does anyone know of any lenders that still may consider us? And what if we are wanting to file bancruptcy? Will that help or assist in getting a loan?

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