If education is the key to career success why are so many jobs going offshore to far less educated people?

I know that the cost is much less for labor overseas. But why is America encouraging more personal debt for people who can’t get hired leaving college? If an employer saves thousands of dollars a year in salary alone outsourcing jobs why would anyone think a good education will get them a good long term job? The more you pay someone in salary, the more it saves by off – shoring their job.

Please don’t say college educated people earn more. Of course they do! They come from better income families and have more contacts and people who can help them in their careers. They also owe more money so its not a balanced comparison. What I’m asking is with the tea party wanting to cut spending, why is it that higher education gets a free ride and never held responsible for creating insurmountable debt on people who can’t change their situation once they have graduated and can’t find work? Why is education called the answer when less educated people take their jobs away?
@ Jeff410 Your reason don’t explain why we need more highly educated people in the USA, but good point
@EddieW what good is $ 10/hr in the USA if the cost of living is $ 20/hr job? What about the USA working for the USA instead of CEO pockets?
@J Why can some do a Walmart job better with a PhD than someone with a HS diploma? If anything that’s an argument for getting rid of higher ED.

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