If a person slips and falls ,but has no witness can they still sue?

My wife and I clean carpet for a living.About 2 1/2 months ago we were cleaning a person’s house, when a lady that delivers meals on wheels to the homeowner came in the house. She saw that we were spraying the carpet to pretreat the carpet, so she knew that the floor was wet. She claims that on her way out she fell on the tile by the front door.No one saw nor heard her fall.Apparently she came back in and told the homeowner that she fell but that she was alright.She never said anything to neither my wife nor myself. We just received a letter from her lawyer telling us that we are liable for her fall(they won’t tell what her injuries are). Can they do this? Our company consists of myself,my wife and our work truck so we are not exactly raking it in.Optional business insurance is available in our state(Texas),but that is an added expense that we can’t afford, so if this lady actually has a case we would be forced to pay for it out of pocket.

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