If a consumer can not afford a loan, then they should get this loan, based on deregulation?

Deregulation of lending terms, starting with Jimmy Carter Administration, and the expansion of this during the Clinton administration, has led lending to people who do not repay loans or mortgages. US taxpayers penalized for this error, and Congress should not spend more time deciding what should be done without all the sensationalism that we are always in our media?
We are now in a great reputation with our mortgage and the bank that holds the note. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we received a revenue decrease. We have a HELOC with another bank and 50K in consumer debt. We received failed to get refinancing through a broker-thirds on the web. Are greatest setback is our mortgage payment, a 30YR fixed at 6.5% ($ 3,500 mo) is. We can not a HELOC and debt of consumers to pay more. We never made a late payment … we have a good chance to have a change? We have financed two homes with our current bank and have a personal relationship with our broker banks. We’ll call and ask, but I wonder if the banks to modify loans without touching HELOC? We can not refinance (income is not enough support). We could not afford to make the payment, if we first correct lower. WISE crack No COMMENTS! Serious replies only! We would sell if the market is not in such a mess … Believe me, my first thought was. California is the worst! Personal household debt.

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