Ideas on a cheap WoW computer?? Low Budget!?

Hey everyone.
With the new year here, i’d like to [b]end my hiatus[/b] from WoW and return to having great fun in cata..

Only one problem, my [b]laptop[/b] I used to use [b]is broken[/b]! I believe it’s beyond repair because my IT friend took a look at it and recommended I trash it.

So I need a computer. This would not be an issue if not for my brief credit doesnt qualify me for any typical financing. I tried to apply for a bestbuy financing membership.. denied.

Does anyone have [b]advice[/b] on what I should do to get a fine computer? It doesnt have to be fancy.. I miss raiding!

Or even what specs to aim for?

*[u]Any and all advice will be taken seriously! Im desperate so don’t be shy with your ideas![/u]*

Thanks so much! Do you really think a laptop is a better idea than a desktop though?

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