I would like to become a mortgage underwriter–any advise out there?

I’ve been an assistant to a mortgage broker for the past two years. I just turned 21 and I find that the real estate industry is very facinating yet very stressful at times. But I find that if I can become an underwriter that this will help me to become a mortgage loan consultant in the future or account executive. Any advise out there would be welcomed. Yes, I’m looking for a new job but I want one that will help me become a mortgage underwriter.

I have a friend that was an assistant to a mortgage broker and managed to get a job at BofA where they trained her to become an underwriter without first having been a jr. processor—what luck. HELLLLP. I don’t have many contacts. 😉

Does anyone know how to get a job as a loan underwriter even though i have no prior experience in the mortgage industry whatsoever? Is there a entry level position that i have to get first before i can transition in to the job as a loan underwriter?

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