I was suspended from work indefinately. Can I file for unemployment now.?

I don’t know how to proceed. I have worked at my organization (Non profit social service agency) for 10 years now. I am Assistant Director and for the duration of my 10 years working for this agency, I have never recieved disciplinary action of any sort. Overtime I have gained many relationships with co-workers including upper management. Recently I got into some financial trouble due to a gambling debt. The gambling debt took a tole on me, and I became really depressed as a result. Within the past 6 months our agency has had a major shift in management, and now I have a boss that I believe doesn’t like me. Since he began working life at my job has been a living hell. His thing is he needs to get people in management that he trust not one’s that he has inherited. He made this clear. Here’s where things got crazy. I talked to his boss the executive director, who I believed I had a personal relationship with, about my gambling situation. I went to her because I trusted her and I wanted advice because I felt that my issues were beginning to affect my work performance and I didn’t want to give my supervisor a reason to fire me. She made me feel very comfortable. She even talked to me about her husband who went through a gambling addiction etc. She encouraged me, but also encouraged me to speak directly with my immediate supervisor, due to the whole chain of command thing. So I spoke with him, asking him to give me about a week off just to get myself together and clear my head. He pretended to care, gave me some advice, and approved my time off. Not longer then the next evening I was suppose be off on vacation, he called me, asking to be available by phone during my vacation. Him and I had some words, and he pretty irate when I told him that I didn’t feel like I should have to be on call and that the reason I took off was to deal with my personal issues. I spoke with HR and informed them that I felt like I was being set up, and that my supervisor was trying to make things hard for me. She told me to contact the executive director about this after I came off of vacation. This wasn’t the answer I wanted so I went to my doctor who put me out of work on medical leave. I’m sure this angered my supervisor because my doctor put me out for 4-6 weeks. 3 weeks into my leave I began getting calls from my staff telling me that I am under investigation for missappropriation of agency funds. As a director I am in charge of all money for my unit. We get weekly recreation funds, and we also do a fundraiser for our positive club monthly. By policy the only funds that we are required to keep record of is the company recreation funds, which we turn in receipts for those funds. The fundraiser money we never asked to keep record of those funds; however the funds were always spend on the unit. There is noway of proving that besides them seeing exactly how the floor looks, and me telling them some of the things that was brought. The thing is we have had parties for the children as well as brought a lot of arts and crafts and things of that nature things that aren’t really accounted for. The good thing for me is that this is done agency wide. I know this doesn’t sound good, and this is definitely a lesson learned however, it wasn’t policy. Now I returned to work last week only to be interviewed and told I was under investigation. I also find out that the supervisor that works directly under me quit, and that she is the one that my supervisor that I don’t do anything with the money, and that I spend it on myself. Mind I also heard that the the girl that told these untruths is sleeping with my supervisor. I have another supervisor that works under me on a different shift and she pretty much backed up my story, and told the truth. They have interviewed my staff as well, who couldn’t tell them anything because my staff dont deal directly with the money. After meeting with HR and the Exec Dir. the Exec Dir gave this speech say the situation doesn’t look good because of the whole gambling thing. She asked me do I see the picture that is being painted. I told her I didn’t want to be judged adnd lose my job, and reputation because of a picture that is painted. At this point they suspended without pay until the conclusion of the investigation. I know they are an at will agency which mean they can fire me even off of hear say. But I wanted to know if first off I can get unemployement, and second is there anything legal I can do, for being treated this way, all because this girl was a discruntal employee and was sleeping with the man, that I believe doesn’t want me employed there anyhow. They are also interviewing people twice asking them are they telling the truth almost as if they want them to lie on me. What do I do??
To the person who said because I said lesson learned I may have done it, is extremely insane, just like my employer! I said lesson learned meaning rather I am suppose to keep record of funds or not, I will in the future just for my protection. My gambling debt is cleared loser, which is not a debt i obtained on my own, thats another story and my post was long enough. I put so much detail because when people respond a lot of times they want more detail!! BTW I have stopped gambling! A long time ago!

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