i was approved for loan modification last year after my bank put my house in foreclosure after paying the new?

monthly payment for 3 month i lost my job and wasn’t able to keep on my mortgage payment ,my bank put my house again in foreclosure ,can i still be able to make a deal with my bank ?
please help

Ok, I had my first meeting of creditors yesterday and on or around 6-1-10 my bkruptcy will be discharged. Before I get someone in here to start hating, it happen because my wife lost her job and my 4 yr old son has been sick, 1 surgery a lots of out of pocket medical and prescription expenses that I just could not afford or keep my budget intact.

Now for the background. I bought a home in December 2006 with a Veterans loan. Due to the job lose and medical bills I was forclosed on about 6 months ago and had my bkuptcy hearing yesterday.

How long will it be until I can apply for a second mortgage and actually be considered. I know I will have to pay down between 10% (HUD if they will finance me) and 20% for a conventional. But if I work on getting my credit straight, what is the length of time I need to wait to be approved. I would prefer a hud loan since the down payment is much less and they are a bit more forgiving about bkruptcys and foreclosures than a traditional lender. Any help on this matter is appreciated.
Ok, I’m not looking for a scam loan. I want legit advise about waiting periods and the ability to get a HUD loan after foreclosure on another government backed loan (VA loans). So please stop e-mailing me about “legit” opportunities because I think you’re full of crap.
KL, thank you for your post. Is it possible to get another FHA loan since my foreclosure was on a VA loan?

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