I want to work from home and make real money?

I am bilingual (spanish) home office setup, and got 2 kids and a husband. (Mortgage background) and can process loans here in Nevada. (Henderson, clark county area)

having already bought my first house two years ago (right before the market crashed or the bubble burst or whatever you want to say) i went through the whole lender experience and I know they are not completely truthful. I wasn’t the idiot that got into a subprime mortgage loan or anything, but I do hav an ARM… it is stable for seven years (five more) however… at 6.375. I would like to refinance of course first but what are the pros and cons of second home ownership? now that the prices have dropped dramatically where i live at least in the high desert of Nevada, i can have the home I wanted two years ago for less than what i bought my first for. Obvoiusly I would rent the one i have out… my question is obviously if there was a break in renters you would have to be able to afford to cover both mortgages… do the lenders look at this kinda stuff? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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