I want to existing balances 3-4 credit cards as 5k each transmission for an account, which is the best solution?

I have over 20 thousand of credit card balances by 3-4 cards. I want to close and transfer balances or pay with a new line. I doubt that I qualify for a credit line in the amount of 20, 000 at this time because of the conditions. What is my best option to make this possible, does anyone know? Can anyone make as many suggestions as possible about the options that I have and all ideas on reducing balances is etcTambién I have curiosity, is there a way to “close the account” and negotatiate a pay-off method with the Credit card companies directly? Only 20k curiosidad.Tenía line for Wells Fargo business, never too late, never did anything wrong. pay scale in a clean sweep one day and three weeks later my credit card was reduced k to 5, so that the business and the business of buying should never was without several smaller cards use more, I want to consolidate without the typical scenario as consolidation company estafas.puede anyone make any suggestions on reducing balances or pay, or other companies that are a good credit right now, or any other idea.

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