I want to buy my first home, but…?

I’m in a dilemma. My husband and I have suddenly decided that we want to buy our first home and want it right away! We had hoped for a 100% financing mortgage, but I’ve been told it’d be not the best idea. Our fico credit scores are considered excellent, and we live on a single $ 83,000 yearly income (before taxes.) At this moment there are a few houses for sale, but since we haven’t saved any money for a down-payment, we’re just watching our prospective homes being sold to others. I’m looking at houses within the $ 120-145K price range, but we don’t even know how much we can afford. I’ve no exact idea what “monthly debt” means, but we’re paying $ 1,800-$ 2,100/month in “required” bills–food, gas, clothing..etc not included. My question is, who do I give this information to, and are we required to have the 20% down-payment before making an offer on a house; we’ve looked at a few houses and the first thing the realtors asked was “Who are you doing your financing through?” I need help!
At this moment, I feel like we are wasting the realtor’s time when looking at houses and not having been pre-qualified. I’m not sure about what to look for in a mortgage company to know that we will be in good hands.

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