I want to buy a home in about 6 months and have bad credit, where do I start?

My girlfriend and I have very low credit due to an issue that is being cleared up now. I should have better credit and cleared up debt in 6 months if things go well, but not great (not enough time). I am in an apartment and am never late with payments. What are my steps to go about getting in a $ 125-175,000 home. I was told to go find a mortgage company now, and they will help me plan what steps to take and how to clean things up? Is this true? I do not want to rent again but I am afraid that my credit will not be improved enough or my debts paid down enough to get me into a home. I would like to get an 80/20 loan, because I will not have built up enough assets to give a downpayment for my money now will go to cleaning up my credit. Any insight will be helpful. Thanks!

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