I want all of a mortgage with little or bad credit know?

I want to start flipping houses. I need everything about taking a mortgage with little credit and you know what a loan on a knowledge ADB for details. I make 2500 per month and the money each month and the power of man and a man of great success selling back to me until now I just need loans. PLEASE HELP!
I know that the economy does not stabilize the banks are more stringent by giving loans to buy property, especially with bad credit. Does anyone know if all banks to borrow money, in houses with less than perfect credit, as long as the person has a job to buy? I tried to clean up my credit card on numerous occasions, but creditors would be that my credit on the account “paid in full, but it should not call customers when they change e the fitness collections “paid as agreed” that they are not willing to help tun.Bitte

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