I want a zero mortgage Arizona.?

I intend moving in April. I decided that I want to get into the housing market now, when everything is for sale. I have no downpayment. I am currently paying $ 1,150 a month rent, so I guess if I pull the monthly salary of $ 900, which offset a portion of the cost of a house without affecting my budget. I plan to “hire purchase”, but only their own. Return the loan may be an option, but it seems they are out, since the mortgage crisis. I am looking for price range $ 120-150K. I want to mortgage insurance, payment, property taxes and everything else rolled into the loan. I keep Googling the information, but it seems like an endless circle. Taking out a loan of this size is too important to randomly select a company that has an ad online Nice. I also want to make sure I’m not screwed on the high interest rates or other charges, which will eventually cause more trouble than it’s worth. Anyone have any good advice? The mortgage consultant should be a good idea? But just to find a realtor and see what we can do? This is my first home Test , so please be nice:)
Hello, I tried to BOA to see if I could get a mortgage to buy a condo in advance, which costs $ 100,000. If the BOA asked me how I put down, I told them I hoped to do for a bank loan and the guy told me I would ask the contribution of aid and see if you could give me 3% of the HUD. I am looking for a seller who pays the closing costs, or if I could put a down payment and closing costs and loan BOA told me I could not. I’m not buying a first that I’ve been 4 person job title and a second home mortgage. I guess my question here is whether there are other ways for me to get this condo that I want. Thank you for your reply.

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