I want a house that is between $ 10,000 – $ 29,000, but nobody will give a loan of less than 30,000. any ideas?

My girlfriend and I are trying to buy a house in southwest Florida for less than 30,000, and we found the house, now we want, but the mortgage comp. we talked with the habit of giving a loan we ist.haben below 50,000 as a deposit for 2000-3000 and wife ny bad credit and I have little or no credit card . we are both in our early to mid-twenties and have a baby of 10 months that we wollen.Gibt be a better home and a better neighborhood there is someone somewhere who knows what can we do this type of ready to get into these situations? thank bad / no credit and loans below 30,000 Dollar.Um everything you spend your time to review this lesen.Ich to thank you all and God bless

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