I signed up with a debt consolidation company (solicited) by phone. How can I make them refund my $797?

They said I would get the latest version of software for debt management as well as a license for a members forum included with the negotiation with credit card companies to have a lower and fixed interest rate. None of this happened. I found out that the software was the paperwork they sent in the mail to inform them of the credit cards I have. Also there is no forum, only the workers at the company when you call in. They misrepresented themselves and have never done anything on my account, since February. I found out there are numerous complaints of there practices with the BBB. Can I get my credit card company to reverse the charge? Is there a way to get my money back? I already contacted the credit card company and disputed the charge. I contacted the company and they told me they are sorry I “misunderstood” that software meant paperwork, Yeah, right. Any Suggestions, Please! Thanks!

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