I responded to this ad for tax preparation, was it a scam?

These 2 Armenian or Chaldean guys were running the operation out of a grocery store. They were going to pay $ 7.50 an hour, plus $ 5.00 commission on each return filed. That’s what the ad on Craigslist said.

Then when I got there, the guy said he was going to pay $ 150 a week, then explained this complicated commission structure…like if we made 100 returns, we’d get $ 5.00 each, 250, 10.00 each, 500, 15.00 each…it sounded shady, and I didn’t think I’d ever get that money if I was good enough.

They wanted us to go out and hassle shoppers too. I looked at the cost of some of the returns, and I saw you could definitely do a lot of it online for cheaper.

Was I right to walk away? I think these guys would’ve fired me and kept any bonus I would ever have gotten anyways.

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