I rented a car, there is a dent, and a crack in the windshield I did not cause?

I rented a car and bought all the maximum insurance (including damage waiver for the car)

But when I looked closely at the insurance, the damage waiver only covers collision and does not cover damage caused by negligence.

Right now the windshield is cracked, because I think a pebble hit the windshield when I was driving, and the crack has gotten bigger all by itself (its probably 4 – 5 inches wide now). I did not cause the crack.

Also, there is a tiny (2 cm wide) dent w/ paint rubbed off on the door, which I never seen before, I think maybe someone bumped it when I was parked inside a parking lot.

I know the car rental agency might try to charge me for damages when I bring in the car. Maybe they will try to charge the credit card I put down on the reservation.

I don’t want to pay for this damage that I did not cause, and was wondering, would they still be able to charge my credit card if I call the credit card company and put a hold on the account? Or, if I report it lost and they change the credit card number?

I understand if they decide to charge me, and I don’t pay, they might report me to credit bureau. But I’m prepared to deal with that – because I’m 24 years old and I’m officially independent, unemployed, and living at home due to financial difficulty, so I have no money in the bank account nor assets. But In reality I’m helping out with the family business.


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