I recently rented a stove from Aaron’s just to show in the selling of my home.?

I told them I would do it for one month, then if my home did not sell I would purchase one. Month later I decided to buy a stove. I ask Aaron’s to pick up their stove and to call me when they came into town they did not. I decided to take the stove to them, on the way my bungee cord broke and the stove fell putting a dent in the rim of the cooktop,breaking the handle and warping the bottom shelving. When i told the manager what happen and offered to pay for some of the expense, his first comment was that is your” responsibility i am not going to accept like that, you will need to get it fix (he never came out to look at it). He was no help to me. I do not want to pay for a used stove and sink $ 400 for a cheap stove that cost brand new $ 550. I don’t want my credit hurt. What can i do if he is refusing to accept it back. Can i leave in his store? Would i be responsible for all the expense of the repair? Does any one know what the contract says in situations like this?
thanks for your suggestions

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