I own my home w/no mortgage payment, title is in my name, my fiance & I are moving in January question is?

my fiance has her own house titled in her own name with a 200k mortgage loan owned by the government and a home equity line of credit of 25k totaling 225k debt…The house value in today’s market is probably 140-180K maybe. The mortgage is too high to just keep the house for rent because she’ll probably end up paying for part of the mortgage and taxes paying @ least 5k a year for both. I don’t think its worth the time and effort try and keep tenants in the house and to pay money up front to just get the money back @ tax season.
Selling the house is going to take years unless the bank agrees on a short sale and the bank agrees to take a loss on the mortgage, even so, you’ll be paying a years worth of mortgage payments just to try to sell the house to save your credit before it goes into foreclosure anyways right? why lose 20k in money if the house goes into forclosure anyways???
I say…tell the bank your hardship, make no payments for 12 months and let it go into foreclosure, since were moving to a new house and the bank could possibly give you a few thousand dollars for keeping the house in good condition when you leave it. Your credit will go sour for a few years but why keep paying on something you never wanted in the first place?
I don’t believe the bank will garnish her wages for the mortgage loan or the equity line of credit, they take back there asset, which is the home… what should we do?

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