I owe $35000 on credit cards.Worked with a Debt Mgt company who essured they can settle it for $590 / 36 month?

Is it a good or bad? I worked with Creditors directly, but no use.. They never come down on the APR.. still 29.99%. I never missed on payments.. Only bad thing I did for 2 cards are I forgot to remove the automatic payment option from my old checking account in May and Jun.. With that mistake, they gone up on my APR’s and missing payments. They will review my account only after 12 months of ontime payments… ? So, I started working with various debt consolidation companies, they offered for $ 590 / 36 months which includes($ 200 for the company).. But in their terms, they cannot guarantee any.. Can we trust such of these companies? When I calculate, I am not even paying all to the credit cards…Not sure if its a good practice? What happens to the credit score and profile if continue with Debt Mgt companies? Please share if any had any past experience or any suggestions .. Thanks in advance

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