I need to get out of debt QUICK!?

I’m 19 years old and have a total of about $ 6,500.00 in debt. I regret everything I ever purchased but I was not in a normal state of mind when I turned 18 and decided to apply for 40+ credit accounts and got approved for 14 of them.

I used all that I could out of the cards to take cash out and buy drugs. Obviously since then I have changed and am a completely renewed person however I know I can’t just put this part of my past behind me like I can the other stuff. I want to get out of debt FAST which I hear is impossible but I really do believe (and so does my therapist) that getting me out of this debt would lift an extra huge weight off of my shoulders.

I not only want to but I need to before my credit is ruined for good. I was already signed up with a debt management program and I no longer want to deal with that kind of thing. I have poor credit as of right now due to the fact that I stopped making payments 3 months ago when I lost my job went into rehab. Does anyone know of
any REAL bad-credit loans? I see them advertised everywhere but they’re all scams! Help!!

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