I need tips on moving out of my Mom’s house.?

I have a control freak for a mom. I use to just be passive about and move on. At first it wasn’t affecting anything critical in my life but now it is. It all started when I went to college. Everything went well the first year I was there. I was going to major in fine arts and something else that get me a better paying job (I wasn’t sure what it was at the time). My mom paid for it because she didn’t believe that I should go broke paying for it until I got to a university.(I was going to a community college.) The next year I had to take Comp II. (English was always my worst subject especially when it came to essays. It didn’t help my professor smelled horrible.) I knew I was going to fail after midterms without a question. Even though my mom was paying for it she always waited to the last minute. Unfortunately the last minute is after the drop period but I still managed a 3.something GPA and even qualified for a small scholarship. (which was part of the payment on tuition that semester in the end. ) The next semester my mom paid on the last absolute day of the final exams. I was extremely furious when I couldn’t view my grades. I thought I had an “F” on all my classes for the semester (which was five or six). My car also had issues toward the end (which wasn’t major but thanks to a certain X who stole my pathetic paychecks, it took six months to come up with $ 300). I was completely reliant on my mom. (there is another story behind me, my mom and the car but I’m not getting into that drama.) Because of her last minute payment, I couldn’t register for my classes the next semester.

My mom convinced me to skip out on the semester. A huge mistake on my part. My mom has too much passive and not aggressive in her life so treats everyone and everything as a pushover (if anything worse with me) She wanted me to take all the cats away. (I did bring the pregnant cat with me [although there is another story about a certain X letting the cat outside while she was in heat] but I had car running but she wouldn’t get off her lazy butt and get the insurance to my car so I could do something about the cats) She also made it very clear that I shouldn’t go back to college and make my current part time job (Grocery store employee) my rest of my life. By that time I had made up my mind on graphic design. Comparison Grocery store max out pay $ 30,000; Graphic Design (for the statistics I saw anyway) starting pay $ 60,000. Uhhh . . . Get real. I told her there is no where I making that a reality and even pointed out things like constant new job openings. She still insisted. I knew better than to make it a full time job because she pretty much won after that (even though I wasn’t in college at the time)

The following semester I found out that only $ 40 didn’t get paid on the last semester I attended and they didn’t give me all “F‘s” on my transcript either. I was so happy. Right from the get-go they were being adamant about paying the tuition on time. I told my mom, I gave her all the letters they sent me, but still they wasn’t enough to get her to pay it earlier. I ended up getting kicked out of my classes because of her.
This time I wasn’t passive about it. She has also been a lot this round out. She’s made this house a perfect spot for the devil himself. She still being adamant about me taking the cats away but she is also blaming me for every pillow that touches the ground. (Her house is a complete mess because when she cleans she just moves the mess to another room and sometimes it ends up in the floor) Even though the insurance card was reissued and I can drive again, there is no way I’m going to lift a finger to help her. (Even though the cats are my responsibility) She didn’t bother lifting finger for me and look at where I’m at. Why should I help her?

All that is just venting that has led up to this. Here’s the issue:

I’m going to school next semester and I’m definitely getting a student loan this time around. I’m tired of being my mom’s puppet. I’m tired of her having more control over my life when she most clearly doesn’t care. I want to kinda wipe her out of life.(at least until I get out of college) I have a feeling that when I take control of the situation, she will make my home life a living nightmare. So I need help on finding a way out. I don’t know much about anything outside of living at home. I could get a dorm but I’ll still need a place to stay during holidays. I have a part time job that pays crappy but I don’t want to give it up because it does provide health insurance and I’m really blind without my contacts. Please Help?!

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