I need the name of a reputable mtg co. to refinance current Countrywide neg-armt vary loan??

I help my 81yr old mother with her Triplex she owns and am very new to borrowing $ for mortgage since I have never owned a home myself and am 50. 2yrs ago I refinanced her bank loan she had since the begining with Countrywide and desperately need to change this loan NOW. We now owe CWide an additional $ 5000 from the original $ borrowed AND monthly pmts have gone up AND we still can only make the bare minumum pmts each month especially now!!!! Countrywide has backed us into a corner and wont call me back at all to help us!!!!!!! We also have a few credit card debts and would love 2 pay off to eliminate them due to high interest rates (29.9% on Chase!!!!)
I just don’t know who to turn to, trust, or rely on for this mess…Chase is getting ready to put a lien on Triplex for non payment (90 days past now)
It is HER turn to live the rest of her life worry-free!! After all she’s done everything right ALL her life-I Love Mom!HELP!!

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